Second Special Meeting on MSW in Le Havre

Second Special Meeting on MSW has been held in Le Havre, hosted by the Le Havre Port Authority.

Date: 26 November 2013 - Time: 09:30 - 15:00

Subject of the meeting: Implementation of EU directive 2010/65 in Germany, France and The Netherlands


The minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here

Link to the special PROTECT page about the Implementation of EU DIrective 2010/65


Attendants of the meeting (26/11):

Herman Hanekamp Port of Rotterdam Authority (Chairman)
Frederic Gilletta Port of Le Havre Authority (Host)
Raymond Seignette Port of Rotterdam Authority  
Hans Rook Portbase Rotterdam  
Thomas Hoeth DBH Logistics IT Bremen  
Simon Spoormaker SMDG  
Jerome Besancenot Port of Le Havre Authority  
Nicolas Chervy Port of Le Havre Authority  
Julien Hue SOGET Port of Le Havre Unable to attend
Sylviane Natiez Port of Dunkerque Authority  
Cor Koert Port of Rotterdam Authority Unable to attend
Stephan Gund Dakosy Hamburg  
Ger Endenburg PROTECT Secretariat (Secretary)
Unable to attend:    
Eric Sorel Port of Dunkerque Authority  
Fons de Jong Port of Amsterdam Authority  
Ole Krebs Port of Felixstowe / MCP  
Nico de Cauwer Port of Antwerp Authority  
Ronald Smits Port of Groningen Authority  
Txaber Goiri Port of Bilbao Authority  
Tanguy Jacob Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire  
Kurt van Passen Port of Antwerp Authority  
Laurent Piton Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire  
Still to confirm:    
Jase Manual Garcia    
Menno Kuiper