MSW Workshop Feb-19, 2014 Rotterdam

See minutes of the special meeting on MSW in Le Havre: Invite EMSA for demonstrating “good practice in information exchange” in ports, and clarify what is already available for the purpose of the implementation of Directive 2010/65>> To organize a workshop in Rotterdam for this purpose (planned for February 19, 2014).

Also check out the special page on this website on Directive 2010-65

Preliminary Agenda

Suggested preparation for participants to the workshop

Invitation e-mail to Mr. Aichmalotidis of EMSA

The workshop has been held on Wednesday from 10.00 until 15.30. 

Meeting Location: Port of Rotterdam Authority, Droogdokweg 92, Portnumber 2558, Rotterdam (Heijplaat)

Minutes of the workshop/meeting


By Uwe Kraft: dbh presentation    NSW Principles definitions

By Stephan Gund: PROTECT Workshop Feb. 2014 engl

By Lazaros Aichmalotidis (EMSA): 

By Raymond Seignette: PROTECT workshop 19022014 - data quality and reuse version 0-9


Name Organisation
Herman Hanekamp Port of Rotterdam Authority
Raymond Seignette Port of Rotterdam Authority
Cor Koert (last minute cancellation) Port of Rotterdam Authority
Hans Rook Portbase Rotterdam
Simon Spoormaker SMDG
Uwe Kraft Bremen Port Authority
Ger Endenburg PROTECT Secretariat
Stephan Gund DAKOSY Hamburg
Holger Huebner DBH Logistics Bremen
Eric Sorel Port of Dunkerque Authority
Jerome Besancenot Port of Le Havre Authority
Julien Hue SOGET Port of Le Havre
Lazaros Aichmalotidis EMSA
Fons de Jong Port of Amsterdam Authority
Frederic Gilletta Port of Le Havre Authority
Nico de Cauwer Port of Antwerp
Ronald Smits Groningen Seaports
Rob Gutteling Port of Rotterdam Authority