Meeting # 34 (Paris)


Meeting # 34 will take place on Thursday afternoon, June 29 and Friday morning, June 30, 2017.

Location: HAROPA Port of LE HAVRE - Meeting room at Union des Ports (UPF) de France 8, Place du Général Catroux - PARIS

Main subjects:

Ports and Cybersecurity: Thursday afternoon

Regular Protect Meeting: Friday Morning

Full Agenda: Download here

Minutes: Protect Minutes  34 V1.0

Available documents:

Rotterdam Port Cyber Resilience presentation

IPCSA NoTN - Project Plan ver 3

Protect - EMSA

PROTECT meeting 30062017 - EMSW vision paper

PROTECT meeting 30062017 - ESPO Reporting Formalities and Trade Facilitation

PROTECT Meeting Juni 2017 engl

Actual Participants: