Meeting # 30 (Valencia)


Date: 09-10-11 March 2016

Location: Valencia - Hosted by the Valencia Port Authority

Agenda: Agenda

Minutes: PROTECT Minutes # 30 V1.0

Notes of the joint meetings:

Notes of Joint UNCEFACT-IPCSA-PROTECT meeting 20160309 - V1.0

Notes of Joint UNCEFACT-IPCSA-PROTECT meeting 20160310 - V1.0

Notes of Joint UNCEFACT-IPCSA-PROTECT meeting 20160311 - V1.0


Available documents:

Presentations of the UNCEFACT and IPCSA members:

IPCSA - Members Meeting - 11th March 2016 - Agenda - ver 1

UNCEFACT Transport Agenda ver 6 - Valencia 9-10 March 2016

Report of AnNa final event Dec 2015 - PROTECT

MIG Port of Antwerp IFTDGN: un_iftdgn_d03a_2.0

XSD in use at the Port of Antwerp: IFTDGN_D03A XSD

Presentatie PROTECT 10022016 SRS - SW(1.1)

Reporting via Ship Reporting System versus Single Window reporting

IMO Submissions: NCSR 3-10  and  NCSR 3-10-Corr.1


Participants of the PROTECT meeting of 9-3-2016 from 14:00 - 17:00 hrs:

Name Organisation Function
Jerome Besancenot Port of Le Havre (Chairman)
Ger Endenburg PROTECT Secretariat (Secretary)
Simon Spoormaker SMDG  
Txaber Goiri Port of Bilbao  
Hans Rook Portbase Rotterdam  
Stephan Gund Dakosy Hamburg  
Frederic Gilletta Port of Le Havre  
Raymond Seignette Port of Rotterdam Authority  
Alan Long MCP  
Laurent Piton Port of Nantes  
Tanguy Jacob Port of Nantes  
Jaume Bagot Port of Barcelona  
Kurt Van Passen Antwerp Port Authority  
Dominique Vankemmel UN/Cefact Guest
Florence Perouas Port of Marseille  
Jose Manuel Dias Port of Sines  
Holger Hubner DBH Bremen  
Simon Zakel DBH Bremen  
Additional attendees/invitees:    
Lambrianos Lambrianou Cyprus Port Authority  
Javier Fraile Portel  
Antonio Murillo Portel  
Richard Morton IPCSA