Meeting # 27 (Nantes - St Nazaire)

Meeting # 27 has taken place in Nantes - Saint Nazaire on 28/1 and 29/1/2015.

Hosted by the port of Nantes-Sant Nazaire.


Download the Agenda


Download the DRAFT minutes. Please send any remarks, corrections or additions to the secretariat. Thanks!

Documents to download:

CR IFTDGN for bulk cargo - Rev. 3 (2014.11.12) by Stephan Gund and Uwe Kraft

German Status by DAKOSY - PROTECT Meeting Jan. 2015

Update Quick scan implementation EU Directive 2010-65 version 0-2

PoA 26th Protect meeting -Change request IFTDGN

SSN 22.3.3 Annex I - Guideline on Reporting HAZMAT in SafeSeaNet plus cover

SSN 22.3.3 Annex II - Requirements for a CHRD plus cover

SSN 22.3.3 Annex III - Common HAZMAT Reference Database - HAZMAT Unique ID (submitted by PROTECT

SSN 22.3.3 Hazmat WG Final report v1.0

27th Protect Meeting - APA Stowage positions on board of RORO

Antwerp PA - PROTECT 1.1

APA-KVP- stowage postions RORO 2015

FAL documents with implementation

NSW Guidelines_v12-20150109

Registered participants:

Name Organisation Function
Herman Hanekamp Port of Rotterdam Authority (Chairman)
Raymond Seignette Port of Rotterdam Authority  
Ger Endenburg PROTECT Secretariat (Secretary)
Tanguy Jacob Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire (host)
Laurent Piton Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire (host)
Stephan Gund Dakosy Hamburg  
Cor Koert Port of Rotterdam Authority  
Simon Spoormaker SMDG  
Thomas Hoeth DBH Logistics Bremen  
Jerome Besancenot Port of Le Havre Authority  
Philippe Gouteaux Soget Port of Le Havre  
Hans Rook Portbase Rotterdam  
Kurt van Passen Port of Antwerp Authority  
Niels Postma Port of Amsterdam Auhority  
Maurice Evain Port of Dunkerque  
Frederic Gilletta Port of Le Havre Authority  
Rodolphe Bocquillon Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire