Meeting # 26 (Hamburg)

Meeting # 26 in Hamburg on October 1 and 2, 2014.

Hosts: DAKOSY Datenkommunikationssystem AG, Mattentwiete 2, 20457 Hamburg

Agenda # 26

Minutes: Download

Documents to download:

Discussion paper re CHRD (final version)

PoA 26th Protect meeting -Change request IFTDGN

EPCSA Intelligent Exchange Conference 2014 - Final Report

EPCSA matrix message information v1.1

FAL 39-5 - Report of the Correspondence Group on electronic access to, or electronic versions of, cer... (United States)

FAL 39-5-2 - Technical standards for implementing electronic certificates (ISO)

FAL 39-7 - Measures toward enhancing maritime cybersecurity (Canada)

FAL 39-10-3 - Prototype of maritime single window (Secretariat)

10 - Holger Hubner - PROTECT

update of implementation 2010-65 NL 01102014

Protect statement for Hazmat working group

DE 2010_65 French MSW general architecture v 2014 10

eMS10 re-use of data

Hazmat in SSN reporting Guidelines v0.6

Requirements for a common HAZMAT reference database - v 1.4

Report EMS SSN Workgoup meeting Feb 25th

eMS 13 6-Exchange of data through SSN v0 1 (2)


List of registered participants:

Name Organisation Function dinner
Herman Hanekamp Port of Rotterdam Authority (Chairman) yes
Raymond Seignette Port of Rotterdam Authority   yes
Simon Spoormaker SMDG   yes
Ger Endenburg PROTECT Secretariat (Secretary) yes
Hans Rook Portbase Rotterdam   yes
Thomas Hoeth DBH Logistics Bremen   yes
Nico de Cauwer Port of Antwerp   yes
Stephan Gund Dakosy Hamburg (Host) yes
Jerome Besancenot Port of Le Havre Authority   yes
Frederic Gilletta Port of Le Havre Authority   yes
Kurt van Passen Port of Antwerp Authority   yes
Ronald Smits Groningen Seaports   yes
Niels Postma Port of Amsterdam Auhority   yes
Tanguy Jacob Port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire   yes